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Best Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are way better than their other family members since they have a much more durable design. Moreover, their components are easily manageable. If you are someone who is infamous for typos, a mechanical keyboard will solve this issue of yours.

Best Mechanical Keyboard to Buy

It can be hard to make a choice from so many different kinds of mechanical keyboards that are coming each year. However, we can choose an obvious favorite by looking at a few features. The best mechanical keyboard that you can buy today is the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard.

As the name clearly suggests, the keyboard is aimed at gamers. However, that should not stop you from getting this keyboard (in case you are not a gamer). This keyboard serves both purposes. You will have no difficulty warding off your enemies, in a game. Similarly, you can type like a crazy person on the keyboard with the littlest typos possible.

The keyboard was tested in 2017 by Digital trends and it almost got a perfect score. That says a lot about the credibility and functionality of the keyboard. Back in the day, keyboards had Cherry MX switches. However, this keyboard features the Romer-G switches. These switches are hard to beat since they offer high performance and fast response. The company ensures that the keyboards are tested well before they are released. The tests showed that the switches will remain well for 70 million key presses.

There are different options for back-end customization. You can change the LED backlighting according to your own choice. Moreover, there is another option for remapping the keys. This feature allows you to make the keys do what you want them to do. All these tools are quite powerful and have been tested by the experts many times.

Perks for Gamers

Since the keyboard is mainly meant for gamers, it has some extra features for them. For example, there is an option to make your bespoke profiles. This allows you to have different profiles for different games. Thus, you can have your keys doing different things in individual games.

A problem that most people have with keyboards is the noise. The G Pro has responsive keys that make very little noise. So, you can by typing feverishly in the middle of the night without waking up the person sleeping next to you. The response rate is 25% higher than any other keyboard. Thus, the second your fingers touch a key, the response is on the screen.

Since the design of this keyboard is quite compact, you can easily take it around. The portability is helpful to gamers who have to go around for tournaments.

Where to Buy

You can by the keyboard at Amazon or at the Logitech store. It costs $130. At this price, you are getting plenty of features, quick responding keys, a sleek and portable design and a gamer-friendly build. This keyboard is sure to be a delight for all the gamers and types out there.

Updated: May 2, 2018 — 7:35 pm

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